What makes a great kitchen?

By March 29, 2016Kitchen News

When you’re designing a new kitchen for your home, you need to get it right so that the finished product is everything you’ve dreamed of. It can be very difficult to envisage the final kitchen so you need to follow some basic rules to make sure your design ticks all the boxes.


Providing you have enough space with which to work, you need to keep the social aspect of your kitchen in mind at all times. After all, the kitchen is the hub of most homes.

Building in features such as islands and breakfast bars is a great way to create a central seated area for friends and family. If you don’t like the idea of high seats at countertops, you could section off an area for a comfortable table and chairs. Somewhere you can relax with the Sunday papers while the dinner simmers away in your fancy new oven…


At the heart of great kitchen design lies function. After all, a beautiful kitchen is no good if its layout or space planning is off kilter.

When you’re working with awkward-shaped rooms especially, you need to make sure that the design of your kitchen isn’t going to present problems. This is when it’s particularly handy to enlist the help of a professional designer. They will have access to software that can help you maximise the space you’ve got available and stop potential drawbacks such as doors that collide with one another.


Your new kitchen has got to be a place in which you love to be. If you’re the type to place great importance on kitchen design (which we can assume you are – as you’re reading this article!), you’re going to want to fall in love with the room.

Depending on your styles and tastes, appealing features can vary extremely. Some people love the cool finish of stainless steel appliances contrasted by bright white cabinets while others love the modern look of exposed brick and dark mahogany.

Whatever your tastes, make sure there’s a dramatic central piece to your kitchen, be it a designer oven hood or a contemporary island. You want something to draw the eye as soon as someone walks in.

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